Structured Products

Create wealth with pre-packaged investment opportunities

Structured products, also known as Nifty-linked debentures (NLDs) are wealth creation and portfolio protection tools. With a pre-packaged investment strategy based on derivatives, structured products are designed to produce returns on the basis of Nifty's performance.

Why Structured Products?


Secured Product

Protects your capital since it’s a secured product.


Higher Return Potential

Can generate returns of 10–25% CAGR, or even higher, depending on the product construct, desired level of aggression and the investment objective.


Portfolio Diversification

Diversifies your portfolio by giving access to alternative financial instruments, otherwise inaccessible, like oil, commodities, bullion, etc.

Why Structured Products from us?


Legacy Product

We’re one of the largest distributors of structured products.


In-depth expertise

Deep understanding & transparent communication about the product features.


Higher Liquidity Potential

We are capable of liquidating products in secondary market.


Best-in-class Post-sales co-ordination

One stop coordination for issues and queries post sale.

Factors to Select Structured Products

Coupon Rate

This will indicate the returns that you can expect from the investment

Participation ratio

This refers to the degree to which you as an investor, will participate in the potential

Term of Investment

Consider how long you want to invest your money

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